It’s easy to forget how much work goes into producing a show when you’re in the middle of it. I began writing I AM NOT A ROBOT (originally called Android’s Dream) in February in response to a call out for short play submissions. I wasn’t writing at the time and needed a project so started something and here we are…almost at opening night!!! When I started though I had no idea where it was going to lead, most things I write sit on my desktop forever but this has just been different. Hard to say why apart from I wanted a goal, something to move towards, keep the mind occupied and challenge myself creatively. I reckon I was still under the influence of the wonderful sci-fi short fiction by Philip K.Dick and Ray Bradbury I’d read the previous year, plus I wanted a luxury holiday but couldn’t get one in. I’m always wanting to write exciting roles and stories for women to play with so wanted to see what would happen if I put these two people in a room who’ve known each other forever but who’s relationship is on the brink. On top of that they’re in a foreign country, it’s the future and (maybe) there’s robots. Who knows, it could work. That’s how it began…this is how it’s going.

And plenty more fun besides. I won’t lie though there’s been times where I’ve seriously questioned my decision to write, produce and perform in something. There’s tons to do as producer and when your focus wants to be on learning lines and working on character, there are things are cropping up left right and centre to be addressed. I feel exceptionally blessed to be surrounded by an insanely talented, experienced and dedicated creative team. We’ve got a good balance between professionalism and having a laugh which is always key. I’m learning an extraordinary amount from everyone and being challenged all the time, and when things start getting a little too much I just have a word, take some deep breaths and remind myself why I want to do this in the first place. Yes it would be nice to sell loads of tickets, yes there’s anxiety about how it’ll turn out, the what if’s are in full swing but I just have to remind myself again and again it’s all just learning. It’s when we attach all sorts of meaning to things going ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ that we halt our enjoyment and progress, feeling nothing but anxiety, worry and stress. I’ve been there and it’s not fun. Take the pressure off, find the joy in each moment, keep creating new things, tell stories, laugh and play. That’s all there is.


Opens 14th – 17th June, The Kings Arms Salford