Writers Cafe

Our monthly writers’ group for women who are also performers, if this is you then welcome.

It started off as us both sat in a cafe sharing what we call our ‘fetus’ writing ideas, before they were fully formed. It’s scary doing that but we gained confidence and bounced ideas off one another, it was fun and we encouraged each other to keep writing. A few more women joined us and we realised the power of community, of having a safe space to share your words (plays, poetry, TV scripts, spoken word, whatever it is at whatever stage). Between us we started producing more pages than ever and some of it was really good!

During Lockdown we took to Zoom. The format includes a writing prompt, reading your words or one of our fellow performers read it for you. We find the earlier you hear your words out loud the easier it is to make edits, redraft and get it out there! Writers Cafe is a safe space for women to gain confidence, talk about the roller coaster that is writing, share tips, advice and opportunities. Whether you’re new to writing or a professional, Writers Cafe is here to support you and help you grow.

Writers Cafe Testimonials

‘Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. I feel like I have had jump leads applied to my ideas and absolutely loved hearing everyone else’s work & can’t wait to see where it goes.’ – Lisa O’Hare

‘This was a most excellent evening and as well as kick starting some ideas I’d let rust during lockdown I was honoured to hear some other wonderful words and meet some lovely people. A great way to spend an evening.’ – Winging it Productions

‘Thank you to the gems at @bluestockingth for providing a safe space to share new work. Their writer’s cafe is so chilled and constructive, I could’ve chatted for hours. If you missed out this time, get on it for their next session.’ – Lucy Hilton-Jones

‘Just to say a big thank you for organising last night – turned out that it was a good idea to make myself show up and do some writing and meet some lovely people in the process’ – Stephanie Moore