No Drama. No Fear.

How exciting to be writing Bluestocking Theatre’s first blog for our brand-new website. It’s been a year and a half since Victoria set up the theatre company, initially with the aim to produce her first one woman show. I found it very inspiring, before she had even finished it, she booked the venue for the GM Fringe so that she would have to do it. When Victoria told me, I thought she was bonkers but she did it and not only that it was really bloody good; hilarious, intelligent, thought provoking, authentic and a fully rounded character written by a woman for a woman. I directed the show but all I did was say, ‘that’s awesome, keep doing that!’. Afterwards I wanted in, I wanted to be a part of her vision and help add to it.

Our mission is to make theatre that looks after everyone’s wellbeing from the beginning of an idea to rehearsals to performance, for ourselves and for the audience. This is more important than ever. Both of us support each other to tell our own stories and we are passionate about helping other women do the same; to tap into their artistic voice, to disconnect from the status quo of men being given more funding and opportunities to take up space. We’re here to shout, ‘women’s rights aren’t just a fad’ and we will keep on making a ‘fuss’ until it is equal for all, including any other tribes who need championing too. Bluestocking wants to be part of that story.

Personally, I’ve battled with unleashing my full potential at times, choosing the safer option of following rather than leading more often than not. When I’ve started to make my own work, I’ve realised how fulfilling it is, not just for the ego but for the soul. I believe everyone has magic inside of them with beautiful stories to tell, no matter what form it takes. We started Writers Cafe last year as a safe, online space to share new work for women writers who are also performers. I was surprised how many of us there are! It’s been wonderful to encourage and help each other to let go and feel comfy to share, it takes practice and I love that we can facilitate that.

So, 2021, what’s next!? Although it’s difficult to plan ahead, we’re determined this year to keep creative and feel more ready than ever to unleash our second show. It’s a kick ass two hander, a wonderfully disturbing story crafted by Victoria in Lockdown called ‘They Came For My Mother’. Currently we’re in our early stages of developing the show, I get butterflies every time I think of this play, it’s something special that I can’t wait for you to see! We’ll keep you updated on how we get on and watch out for our weekly writing prompts to keep those creative juices flowing. Writers Café is always there whenever you need along with our monthly newsletters and keep your eyes peeled for our online scratch night for fellow females coming later this year.

Loads of love to you and thanks for reading!